How to apply for HyeID Card


To become HyeID cardholder you need to complete a short form    Apply here

Armenians and descendants of Armenians can be HyeID cardholders. HyeID cardholders can participate  in  the HyeID Network  and HyeID Discount  Network platforms. The HyeID Discount Network is for cardholders worldwide. However, HyeID Network is for cardholders that reside outside of Republics of Armenia and Artsakh,  commonly known as Armenian Diaspora. Benefiting from HyeID Discount Network only requires a one time, lifetime, registration at the HyeID platform by paying a $14.99 fee and receiving a registration card.

However, HyeID Network participation requires additional steps, as described below. These steps are necessary because within HyeID Network cardholders shall be allowed to vote for Pan Armenian programs and the formation of the Diaspora Armenian Parliament (DAP).

    1. Identify yourself as Armenian residing in the Diaspora (outside of Republics of Armenia and Artsakh)
    2. Proof of residency in the Diaspora, such as utility bills or automobile insurance statements,etc.
    3. Passport of country of citizenship in the Diaspora or acceptable government identification card, such as driver license, military identification card
    4. Eligible to Vote if above 18 years of age
    5. Cardholder can elect representative or be elected as representative part of DAP


Please have the ID cards at your possession while you are completing online form, you will need to take a picture or scan and submit your identification paperwork with your online application.

Any household  with more than 4 people will pay only a one time  $49.99 to apply for the entire household. Parents or any legal guardian can apply for underage individuals.
While completing paperwork please answer as many questions as possible besides the required fields so that your friends and relatives can find you easily in HyeID network.


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