The purpose of the HyeID non- profit organization, Armenian Identity Card organization, is to unify Armenians around a common platform, so they express their views and positions through surveys and referenda on issues of general interest to Armenians as well as issues of particular interest to Armenian communities in various countries and organize through elections a representative body of the Diaspora — the Diaspora Armenian Parliament — which is the principal purpose for creating the HyeID.

The HyeID shall enable the creation of a business organization, participate in various humanitarian projects, obtain discounts from Armenian and non-Armenian businesses throughout the world, realize real savings by paying less for the purchased products or services. Each Armenian must feel a full citizen of reborn Armenia and the HyeID Card is the identification card and passport of every Armenian in the Diaspora.

The Parliament is created through the votes of HyeID cardholders living in the Diaspora, while the organization is an efficient arena where all Armenians unite, join each other, and together can realize Pan-Armenian projects.

The purpose of the HyeID organization is the creation and servicing of a representative Diaspora body, the Diaspora Armenian Parliament (DAP). The core of HyeID organization is the creation of an Armenian database, a reliable and objective information regarding the potential of all Armenians worldwide. Based on that database, through the HyeID organization, it will be possible to create various permanent or temporary initiatives.